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I have always created my own websites, the past ten years using This system is so easy to use, I am not coding anything, just adding, creating layout, choosing fonts and so on. You provide text and photos, or if you need help with it I can also do writing and consult you on the pictures needed to make your site look stunning.

When my job is done, I will also teach you how to maintain it so you know how to update it with new products, photos etc. 

Common question: How much will I have to pay to get a webpage? 

Answer: It all depends on what you need. A simple webpage with info, some photos, contact section, Instagram-feed and other basics is very affordable. Adding things like booking system, payment solution, portfolio, events with booking options cost a bit more. 

SO do fill out the form underneath to let me know your needs, and I will let you know how much you will have to invest. And trust me, being a small business owner myself I will do what I can to keep the costs low. 

In addition to my fee you will pay either a monthly or yearly fee, starting very low for a basic site, increasing with the need of advanced booking systems, online shop etc.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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